Day time menu


Savoury crepes made with organic buckwheat flour – Gluten Free

Complète : cheese, ham, egg   $11.00
Lorraine : cheese, bacon, egg $11.00
Végétarienne : cheese, tomatoes, green salad, mushrooms, avocado $12.00
Fermière : goat cheese, apple, green salad, walnuts, honey vinaigrette $12.50
Méditerranée : egg, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, black olives, marinated capsicum $13.50
Campagne :cheese, mushrooms, bacon, green salad,walnuts $13.50
Poulet : free range chicken, onion jam, potatoes, marinated capsicum, spicy Jamaican sauce $15.50
Lyon : cheese, sausages, bacon, onion jam $15.50
Normande : egg, bacon, potatoes, camembert $15.50

Nordique: cheese, smoked salmon, avocado, cream, lemon

Big Breakfast : pork sausage, bacon, egg, cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, potatoes  $18.00


Le Parisien : butter, cheese, ham, green salad $7.90
Le Jamaïcain : free range chicken, spicy Jamaican sauce, green salad, marinated capsicum $11.50
Croque-Monsieur : traditional ham and cheese toasted sandwich served with green salad and cherry tomatoes $13.50


Auvergne : green salad, pears, blue cheese, walnut $13.90
Salade de chèvre : green salad,  goat cheese croutons, bacon bits, raisins $14.90


Butter, sugar $4.50
Butter, sugar, lemon $5.50
Jam or honey $6.00
Nutella or homemade chocolate
sauce or homemade caramel or peanut Butter
Honey, almonds $6.50
Maple syrup $7.50
Chocolate sauce, banana $8.00
Chocolate sauce, almonds $8.00
Maple syrup, cinnamon $8.00
Flambée Grand Marnier $8.50
Flambée Rum, banana $8.50
Créole : banana, caramel, vanilla ice cream $12.00
Rhubarbe : Rhubarb and apple compote,
raspberry ice cream, almonds
CaraPecaChoc : salted caramel ice cream, pecan nuts, chocolate sauce $12.00
Banana Split : in a crêpe basket : vanilla and chocolate ice cream, banana, whipped cream, almonds $13.50


Croissant $3.00
Pain au chocolat $3.60
Chocolate Twist $4.00
Pain au Raisin $4.00
Café Gourmand : 6 rolled crêpes with chocolate and caramel dipping sauce + hot drink $10.50
Dentelles plate : mix of plain and chocolate-almond crêpes dentelles $7.00
Marbré du chef: chocolate crepes layers in a vanilla-cassis frozen dessert, chocolate sauce and crème chantilly $9.40