Come in and check out our newly established French boutique, brimming with imported French classics and goodies. Our range includes : Lobster bisque, Duck confit, Cassoulet, Artisan Mustards, sweets treats like Madeleines or Fraises Tagada,...and much more!

St Michel Madeleines

Traditional French sponge cakes


Rillettes de canard

Duck rillettes


Terrine de sanglier

Wild pig terrine


St Michel Palets


Soupe de poisson

Fish soup from Britanny




Sarments en chocolat

Dark chocolate


Moutarde de Dijon

Dijon mustard stoneware



Caramel stick


Confit de canard

Duck confit 2 legs



Sardines in olive oil or chili oil or with lemon and basil


Olives vertes farcies au piment d’Espelette

Green olives with Espelette pepper



Sables St Michel coconut flavour



Palets St Michel


Petit Ecolier

Classic Chocolate biscuit


Savon de Marseille

Olive oil soap from Marseille

$9.00 / 12.70

Terrine de homard

Lobster terrine


Truffes a la framboise

Raspberry and chocolate truffles


Truffes petillantes

Fizzy cacao truffles


Fleur de Sel



Farine de Ble

White flour 1kg


Creme de marron

Chesnut cream – 500g


Graisse de canard

Duck fat


Marron entier

Whole chestnut


Trio de moutarde

Green pepper, walnut and basilic mustard – 100g each


Huile de noix

Walnut oil


Huile de truffe

Infused black truffle grapeseed oil