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French cuisine in New Zealand is more than just a favourite for thousands of Kiwis across the country. French cuisine is part of New Zealand’s culinary industry. There are hundreds of French restaurants all over New Zealand.

Her name is Alisa and she loves French cuisine

A certain someone by the name Alisa Marshall loved French cuisine above all. The first time she enjoyed it, was at the age of 7. Growing up, she tried over hundreds of French dishes, desserts, sandwiches, desserts, and beverages.

She grew up to become a mining and geological engineer. But, after establishing her career in that field, Marshall decided to pursue another dream of hers, to share her love for French cuisine to the world.

La Gourmandise started as a YouTube blog. In it, Marshall cooked French dishes with her family and friends. She would shoot hour-long videos of her figuring recipes out and then serving her loved ones.

Marshall was not just goofing around, she knew how to cook and she knew what makes French cuisine, French.

Vlog to Blog to Business

That video channel became a blog and managed to attract thousands of readers throughout the region, Bay of Plenty in New Zealand. Marshall was then approached by local chefs and they asked to be featured on her blog.

Marshall said no, instead, she promoted the chef’s dishes and not the chefs. That is when several chefs, pastry chefs, and food researchers rallied behind Marshall’s dream of bringing French cuisine to the world.

They started in Fairy Springs and now, La Gourmandise is recognised all over the North Island and soon, all over New Zealand.

La Gourmandise Portfolio

La Gourmandise’s portfolio is truly a success story worth sharing to everyone. With their services expanding throughout the country, Marshall and her team became partners to big culinary and food organisations recognized worldwide.

The La Gourmandise Magazine was featured in dozens of online publications not only in New Zealand but in Australia as well. La Gourmandise helped several aspiring chefs pursue careers in the culinary industry.

So, if you want to learn more about French cuisine, you know where to go and who to contact.